Welcome to IL-TERT


Welcome to IL-TERT. IL-TERT exists to serve our 9-1-1 Centers with mutual aid if needed. IL-TERT can also assist in state declared emergencies at the request of IEMA. We are always working hard on partnering with agencies in Illinois. We would like to see more 9-1-1 Centers join IL-TERT. The process is easy and the requirements are simple. If you are a member, you become elgible for free training for your assigned Telecommunicators and you are also able to request mutual aid in a time of need. Here are some quick facts about IL-TERT:

If you are looking for more information, please contact myself or State Coordinator Jeanine Krull. Thanks,

Brian Tegtmeyer, ENP

Brian Tegtmeyer
Executive Director
420 N County Farm Rd
Wheaton, IL 60187
630 260-7503

Darren Wolf
Communications Center Manager
City of Bloomington
305 S. East St
Bloomington, IL  61702