Illinois TERT has two categories of membership.

Active Member -- Provides that each member agency will enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement much like that use by ILEAS and MABAS.  Active members have voting rights, and their team members receive specialized training and equipment.  The intent is to develop a pool of trained telecommunicators who are able to provide mutual aid assistance to stricken PSAP's in Illinois as well as to provide field operations assistance in declared disaster situations either within Illinois or on an Interstate (EMAC) basis.

Associate Member -- Membership in this category requires only an application letter from the chief administrative officer of an agency operating a PSAP (Chief, Sheriff, Agency Director) along with completing a brief contact form.  Associate members have no participatory rights, but do qualify to receive local mutual aid from the Active Member team pool.  Telecommunicators from Associate Member agencies do not qualify to become team members. (Download a sample letter here)

To request either Active or Associate membership, please contact:


Jeanine Krull
Executive Director
E-COM Dispatch Center
1154 Ridge Road
Homewood, IL 60430

Download IL-TERT Member Categories Description