IL-TERT Training


Field Communications - December 5, 2019 - Joliet

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Registration Packet



NIMS IS-144 TERT Awareness Class

PSAP to PSAP Training


NIMS ICS Courses

REMINDER - ALL TERT Team Members shall have completed IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700 NIMS Training. IS-800 is recommended. Please click below for links to the training. IS-100, 200 and 700 and Prerequisites for the Field Communications Course that makes a Team Member eligible to deploy.

NIMS IS-100.b - (ICS100) Introduction to the Incident Command System

NIMS IS-200.b - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

NIMS IS-700.a - NIMS An Introduction

NIMS IS-800.b - National Response Framework, An Introduction



IL-TERT has a Training Committee which is working on the training needs for the agency.