IL-TERT Team Leader Training

Team Leader Continuing Education

The IL-TERT training committee wants to provide all identified team leaders with training items and a check off form so that they can review information related to IL-TERT and their role as Team Leaders.


NIMS ICS Courses

NIMS Courses are a great tool for continuing education. Even if you have already completed a course, taking it again is great tool to refresh your knowledge. Some relevant classes are listed below. Also Team Leaders are now required to obtain their NIMS 300 and 400 level certification.

NIMS IS-100.b - (ICS100) Introduction to the Incident Command System

NIMS IS -144 - Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce

NIMS IS-200.b - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

NIMS IS-242.B Effective Communication

NIMS IS-700.a - NIMS An Introduction

NIMS IS-703.a - NIMS Resource Management

NIMS IS-706 NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid - An Introduction

NIMS IS-800.b - National Response Framework, An Introduction

NJTI Resources and Review

Team Leaders are encouraged to Check Out the NJTI website. It has updates and newsletters. These newsletters contain 5 minute trainings that can also be used for continuing education.



Establish on-going training and continuing education requirements for all Team Members and Team Leaders to maintain field deployment readiness. 


Team members shall utilize the IL-TERT approved training task checklist. 

The member shall have a supervisor or lead sign off verifying the arrival and departure time of the TERT team member and the objectives accomplished.

The agency TERT Administrator shall submit a summary of all TERT team members’ continuing education and training annually to the TERT training committee chairperson or designee.